Editor-in-Chief: Anders Wallin, MD, PhD

Cerebral Circulation – Cognition & Behavior (CCCB) is a peer-reviewed open access journal that publishes articles relevant to the progress and understanding of vascular dementia and Alzheimer disease.

An online-only journal, CCCB considers original papers and review articles in clinical, experimental and basic science research.CCCB welcomes submissions in the fields of vascular cognitive disorders, vascular cognitive impairment, vascular dementia, vascular depression, cerebral blood flow, aging and cognition, cerebrovascular factors to degenerative dementia.

CCCB is interested in:


  • Population-based studies on vascular dementia
  • Public Health aspects for planning and implementation of prevention programs in vascular dementia at population level
  • Correlation studies dealing with cognitive effects of large-vessel strokes
  • Studies on the effects of hypoperfusion due to heart disease or circulatory disturbances
  • Advances in brain imaging in the pathogenesis of vascular dementia
  • Advances in fluid biomarkers for diagnostic purposes and in the pathogenesis of vascular cognitive disorders
  • Basic and clinical research on the role of sleep and glymphatic circulation in vascular and degenerative forms of dementia.
  • Clinical studies on the multiple manifestations of vascular cognitive disorders
  • Studies on executive function in vascular dementia
  • Development of bedside tests and correlations with imaging methods
  • Animal models of amyloid angiopathy and other models relevant to vascular dementia
  • Controlled clinical trials of more effective treatments for vascular dementia and its neuropsychiatric complications
  • Studies on traditional and newer risk factors and mechanisms of control, including hypertension, metabolism, lipids, endocrinology, dietetics, nutrition, diabetes, cardiology and cardiovascular surgery

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A message from the editors – 2023

Dear VasCog Society members and participants at the recent VasCog conference, Gothenburg, Sweden,

Thanks for a stimulating, informal conference!

Thanks also for submitting papers and downloading publications (see below) from our own journal indexed in Scopus, PubMed Central and Clarivate. Cerebral Circulation Cognition and Behavior is now about to become the permanent homeland of issues in the borderland between the vascular system and neuronal function.

We look forward to new manuscripts from you ranging from original research reports and reviews to proceedings, short communications, personal views and debates. Special issues suggestions are also very welcome. For your information the fee is still waived (through December 2023).

Thanks for your effort and kind regards,

Anders Wallin  – CCCB Editor-in-Chief

Atticus Hainsworth – Deputy Editor-in-Chief


YTD refers to the beginning of September 2023